Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I had an experience today that really touched my heart and it caused me to ask myself if any of you (friends or friendy aquaintainces) are like Pablo.  Since I didn't get permission to use his name, I can't give much detail.  But suffice it to say that I only know Pablo on a professional basis.  He and I can only recall each other's names because we both wear name tags during work and this is where we interact.  We are cordial to each other and have shared breakfast and lunch together a few times, and this occurs in the presence of 20 or so people.  So what makes Pablo different or interesting?  Pablo moves to make a difference in this world.  He understands that we are all in this together and he doesn't just speak with words, he speaks with action.(1John 3:18) 

Let me tell you how he touched my heart today.  Get ready, because it is earth shattering, mind blowing, and phenomenal.  He gave me $10.  You see, I explained my desire to adopt these three children from Haiti.  I showed the picture.  I said that I needed $30,000 to make it happen.  I told him that we didn't have that kind of money, but if 3,000 people would join with us and donate $10, we could make this a reality and we could, together, give three children the chance to hope and dream again.  He reached in his pocket and gave me $10.  Then he hugged me and he said, "We're all in this together."  Amen, Pablo.  We are.  And you, my friend, are an amazing man. Are you like Pablo? 


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