Sunday, April 3, 2011

Planes, Buses, and Tap-taps

     My recent trip to Haiti was not without incident. Wouldn't you know that on March 24th, the only airport closed in the entire US was Miami, my destination!?! Due to an airport fire, planes were being re-routed through Orlando, with seats quickly being filled. Our ten am departure turned into a ride on the red-eye, arriving in Orlando at 4:15 am, Friday. After a freezing, four hour bus trip (the AC was set on cryogenics) and another hour delay, we finally climbed aboard American Airlines flight 803, bound for Port-Au-Prince.

     The group traveling were members of The Grove Bible Church, commissioned to complete the rebuilding of Pastor Felix's home in Lespinasse, Haiti. Some of us were not new to the mission field, nor were we all  new to Haiti, but none of us were expecting the primitive accommodations in which we would live. I must say, though, that after several days of sleeping in an army tent, and peeing in a hole in the ground, without electricity or running water, I would do it again in a heartbeat! The people were incredibly hospitable and kind. But this was not the highlight of my trip. That finally came on the last day in Haiti.

     I had been promised that we would visit Good Neighbor Orphanage in Bon Repo where my children were waiting in anticipation of my visit. I was determined to not be denied. Let's face it, mission trips are often subject to changes on the fly and the word "flexible" is the mindset you must have in order to survive. But in this case, I would have taken a Tap-tap, hitchhiked, or walked to make my way to the kids. Thank the Good Lord, I rode in luxury in an air-conditioned van because those who promised were faithful.

     I spent five wonderful hours playing, holding, laughing and crying with my kids. Each child received one of the T-shirts and I explained how we were working hard on raising the money we needed. (The picture on the left side of your screen is their picture.) When the time came and I heard those dreaded words, "It's time to go," I took the children to a quiet area and said goodbye. You have no idea how hard that is to do! Can you imagine ripping out a piece of your heart? Well, I can. I did. I sincerely don't know how I'll stand another moment without them in my home, but the process is not done and the time to celebrate is still a while off. Please think about donating to our cause, or buying a T-shirt to support the adoption. We need your help. They need your help. God Bless!