Thursday, March 24, 2011

Three Kites

Three small, humble kites…soaring above the dust of the Haiti dirt; lifting above the rubble and into the sky.  These kites were not extravagant, they didn’t have long flowing tails, they weren’t made of expensive fabric and they didn’t contain brilliant colors that drew attention.  They were simple.  Most people wouldn’t even think they were kites if it wasn’t for the fact that they were flying; flying high above the problems and pain that Haiti was now known for.  You see, these kites were literally made of trash:  a piece of black garbage bag stretched over a frame of sticks bound together by twine.  Somehow these trash kites were flying, and not just five or ten feet off the ground.  They were flying high, soaring above the powerless-powerlines and broken infrastructure of the Haitian surface.  This was one of the images of Haiti that is branded in my mind; an image that stirs my heart to love and action.  This image was a statement, these kites had a desire to escape the fear, the pain and the brokenness that was “normal” for the Haitian people, especially its children that were given no hope.

These three kites, for me, represent three children:  three children with bright smiles, hope, and love.  All of this while they wait to be adopted, taken from their humble orphanage and given a chance to fly!  That is what “adoption of three” is all about: giving hope and giving flight to three lives that are desperate for a chance to love and live.

My family, but specifically my parents are yearning for these kids, they deeply desire to put their kites in the air, but money is the major obstacle right now.  I see how they want so desperately to have these kids home.  Some days it seems so close you can almost touch it, and other days it feels like they will never get here.  They need a miracle.  And I know it will happen, its been ordered already by our Creator who puts all of us kites in the air.  But we need the participants of this miracle to rise to the surface.

We need support…be it financial or prayer, support is a must!  Will you join us?

Coming very soon is a tangible way to support this cause beyond just coldly cutting a check.  We have designed three t-shirts with “Nick Shively original artwork.”  The t-shirts are $18 a piece and when you wear one of these shirts you are helping put a little kite in the air, and soon (very soon God willing) you will see the kites soaring home where they belong.

The specific designs and ways to order will be up soon.  Thank you for your support.